Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Decided that mid-week was a good time to sleep in, so I will go to the gym after work today. I slept until 7, got up, had my water with lemon and cayenne and made the wonderful discovery that we had no heat or hot water. BA-SCUSE ME? We JUST got a new boiler in our building, so that doesn't make any sense. After calling the super I got the perfectly logical explanation that the boiler is, "beautiful, but it doesn't work". Apparently the proverbial "they" are on "their" was to fix it. I would have been hopping mad if I had discovered that AFTER the gym. And you don't want to see my mad hopping. Oh, well. I guess my natural scent will have to do for today. My morning started off dramatically with no judge in the part of was assigned to, so someone came down to cover but we couldn't get any attorneys in, so the actually judge showed up about 40 minutes late and we finally started the calendar. UGH!! But, due to my ability to be pushy and bitchy, we finished on time. YAY FOR BITCHES!!! So I came upstairs and had my (if I do say so myself) excellent salad for lunch. I had a fairly uneventful afternoon at work and was desperate to get home and watch last night Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. YES, DESPERATE!! It was good. So there. AND my hot water and heat is back on! Score! I did a lower body workout and then decided to order from Blossom, a great vegan place in our neighborhood, and eat something on the early side so I could have my drink later, which tonight is a green shake instead of juice. I am going to wrap it up for today, but check out my song of the day below, Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney.

7:15 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
9:00 AM: Green tea w/ Stevia
10:30 AM: Handful of raw almonds
12:00 PM: Green salad w/ nuts and ruby red raw sauerkraut
1:30 PM: Green tea w/ Stevia
2:30 PM: 10 Rice crackers with hummus
5:45 PM: Raw vegan burrito from Blossom
7:30 PM: Pau D'Arco tea
9:00 PM: Green Giant shake
*water all day


The only thing I love more than one slutty girl singer is THREE slutty girl singers. Apollonia 6 was born out of a previous incarnation of Prince's brainchild Vanity 6. Once Vanity bailed on the group, Prince recast the lead to play his love interest in the movie Purple Rain, finding Patricia Kotero after a nationwide search. He rechristened her Apollonia, threw her in front of existing members Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsie and VOILA, Apollonia 6 was born. The "6" allegedly stands for the number of breasts in the group. Early 80's Prince, always keeping it classy. Anyway, based on the Prince's ability to write one helluva catchy tune, Apollonia's charisma, the groups sex appeal and the tremendous success of Purple Rain, the first single, Sex Shooter, from their only album was a hit!! The song went to #85 on the Hot 100, and #7 on both the R&B and Dance Charts in the US. Take that, Vanity! Of course, Apollonia 6 were not long for this world, but their self-titled album and this song alone earn them a place in my heart. Here is today Humpday Sexy Song. Hump a gun!! NO!! DON'T!!! THAT IS TERRIBLE ADVICE!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Got up this morning, had myself a water with lemon and cayenne and headed out to the gym. I did my cardio while watching the finale of Spoils of Babylon. Have you seen that show? It's HILARIOUS!!!! It's on Netflix, so you should check it out. Kristen Wiig! HELLO!! Anyhoo, had a great cardio workout, came home and got my salad ready for lunch. I know that it's technically cold outside, but the wind isn't strong and it's not snowing, so it seems like a heatwave in comparison. I stopped to pick up my green juice on the way to the train and sat on the D train and read my daily inspiration. Got to work safe and sound and made my green tea in my beloved Madonna mug (pictured), put on some Madonna music (duh) and started working at my desk. Rebel Heart is out next Tuesday, y'all!!! Anyway, the morning at work was okay. Not much to do, so I tried to get Madonna pre-sale tickets to no avail. The cheapest ones are $415!!! That's including semi-nose bleed sections! YIKES! I'll try the Citibank pre-sale tomorrow, I suppose. So I trudged through until I could eat my delicious salad for lunch and then had my green tea afterwards. Work in the afternoon was fine. Nothing too exciting, nothing bad. I'd say that's okay. I am a court reporter, by the way. Half of my day is spent at my desk and the other half in court. So there's that. Now you know. It started snowing at some point during the afternoon (I was in a room with no window) so by the time I finished my afternoon work I had to walk home in the snow!! To tell the truth, it wasn't that bad. Got home and had a little snack and got my daily dose of The People's Court. Yes, I have an addiction. Sue me. No, don't. Anyway, day two was pretty freakin' easy. See you tomorrow. Enjoy my song of the day below, Hold Tight from Rebel Heart...and pre-order the album!!!

6:30 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
8:45 AM: Green tea with Stevia
9:30 AM: Water w/ lemon and cayenne
10:45 AM: 10 raw, natural almonds
11:45 AM: Veggie salad w/ raw sauerkraut, nuts and avocado
1:00 PM: Green tea with Stevia
5:15 PM: Rice crackers w/ hummus and green tea with Stevia
8:00  PM: Green juice w/ aloe
9:00 PM: green tea
*again, don't forget to drink water all day


....Escapade by Janet Jackson. Released as the third single from her iconic album Rhythm Nation 1814, Escapade became the second of four #1 singles from the album and the third of seven top 5 hits. Suck on THAT, Thriller. With its sunny, energetic sound and call-to-the-dance-floor lyrics, Escapade was destined to top the Billboard Hot 100, and it did starting on March 3, 1990, where it remained for three weeks. Along with When I Think of You, All For You and Together Again, Escapade is the happiness cherry on top of a cake that looks like Janet's beautiful smile. Janet always performs this song on tour and it's easily a fan favorite. Here is the #1 song from this day in 1990, Escapade by Janet Jackson.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Day 1 of my 21 day Crazy Sexy Cleanse got off to a good start. My husband, who is doing the cleanse also, and I both got up at 6:30 and he was off to Yoga while I left for the gym. There is still snow on the ground from yesterday's surprise snowfall, but it was a relatively warm 30 degrees out this morning. Practically a tropical paradise. I did a really great, short upper body workout and returned home for a glass of water and to prepare food for the day. I made a salad, packed some rice crackers and hummus, and some ground cayenne pepper and lemon to put in my water during the day. WERQ!! The morning at work was easy. I sipped some green tea and had some water to hold me over until lunch. No problem, bitches! The afternoon was fine, but the room I was working in was so hot I was sweating like a Kardashian in church. I got home and had a little snack before catching up on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Downton Abbey. I know, they are practically the same show!! But I love them both. Tonight is the season premier of RuPaul's Drag Race, so I will sign off and get my drag on. See you tomorrow.
"I am capable, confident, intelligent, resilient and in charge. Health and happiness are my birthrights and I accept with gratitude."

6:30 AM: Glass of Water w/ cap-full of Apple Cider Vinegar
8:00 AM: Green Juice
9:30 AM: Green Tea with Stevia
12:00 PM: Veggie/bean/nut salad w/ Annie's Organic Chile Lime Vinaigrette
1:00 PM: Green Tea with Stevia
5:15 PM: 10 rice crackers and hummus
7:30 PM: Detox juice
*Water is vital and I drink it pretty much anytime I can during the day.


Madonna has announced the dates of her upcoming Rebel Heart Tour that will travel through North America, the UK and Europe (additional dates coming for Australia and Asia). The singer tells Rolling Stone that she likes to be involved in every aspect of her show.
"I've always been that way, and then it's just developed over the years, as I've done more things. I really want to see everything. If it's around me and it's part of my show, I need to be a part of all of it. From the creation of the music, to the surface of the floor, to everyone's hairstyle, to the details with the buttons and the bows and the snaps and the zippers. All of those things! I don't know where it started, but I think it's just gotten worse."
And thank gayness she it has! Madonna's concerts are always spectacular and I'm sure this one will be no different. Can't wait to get my tickets! OH, and every ticket purchased comes with a digital download of the Super Deluxe Edition of Rebel Heart with four additional songs. GET ON IT! Tickets go on sale March 9th.

August 29 - Miami, FL @ American Airlines Arena
September 2 - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena
September 5 - San Juan, PR @ Coliseo de Puerto Rico
September 9 - Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
September 12 - Washington, DC @ Verizon Center
September 16 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
September 19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center
September 24 - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
September 26 - Boston, MA @ TD Garden
September 28 - Chicago, IL @ United Center
October 1 - Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena
October 3 - Atlantic City, NJ @ Boardwalk Hall
October 5 - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
October 8 - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center
October 11 - Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place
October 14 - Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena
October 17 - Portland, OR @ MODA Center
October 19 - San Jose, CA @ SAP Center at San Jose
October 22 - Glendale, AZ @ Gila River Arena
October 24 - Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
October 27 - Los Angeles, CA @ Forum


Roam is one of those songs that just gets in your brain and makes you squeal with delight!! Right? If not, you are dead inside. There, I said it. Roam was released as the fourth single off of The B-52's 1989 breakthough album Cosmic Thing and it became their second consecutive top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 (#3), following Love Shack. AND, like Love Shack I t was a huge international hit. The track was also  nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group. Roam definitely stand the test of time and is as joyous now as when I first heard in in utero in 1989. I'M A TWINK!! Anyhoo....enjoy Roam and have a wonderful Happy Monday!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Almost three years ago I embarked on a journey that taught me a lot about myself, my body and my mind. Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet book blew my mind with its positivity, humor and guts. I have decided that, because last year sucked donkey balls and I've had a hard time getting steady since, that I will once again do the 21-Day Crazy Sexy Cleanse to challenge myself to re-focus. So, starting tomorrow I will eat a raw vegan diet and will give up sugar, wheat, dairy, meat, caffeine and ALCOHOL!! Yes, my beloved martinis will be absent from my life for a minimum of 21 days. They are going to miss me so much!!! The last time I had this adventure (which you can go back and follow by clicking on the 'Crazy Sexy Diet' tag at the bottom of this post or typing 'cleanse' in the search bar ) I came out the other side feeling energetic, light, happy 15 pounds lighter in three weeks without ever being hungry!! It's true! You can read all about it. I do not have an expectation that everything will go exactly the same, but I am excited to get into it again. So starting tomorrow morning, look out world, Wendell is juicing it up!! That sounds gross, but it makes sense for this cleanse. Follow along each day for my Cleanse Daily Diary and I'll bring you along with me. Let's get raw!! That sound bad too, but it makes sense for the cleanse. Oh, and here is my theme song for the next 21 days, Vegetables by The Beach Boys.

Friday, February 27, 2015


At 66 years young (I hate when people say that, so why did I?) The B-52's songstress Kate Pierson is finally releasing her first solo album. I have loved The B-52's, and specifically Kate, for as long as I can remember. My first experience was their amazing 1986 single Summer of Love, from Bouncing Off of Satellites, and I have been hooked ever since. Kate has been thinking about a solo record for years and now we get the pay off. Guitars and Microphones is energetic and lovely, full of Kate's one-of-a-kind harmonies and very personal. Three of the songs on the album are co-written by super-hitmaker Sia and she also co-executive produced by her as well. The result is luscious, fun and wonderfully wacky and addictive. Bring Your Arms, co-written by Sia, is a contemplative, emotional song about looking for support as we travel through life. Second single Mister Sister got a lot of (undeserved) controversy when Kate said she wanted it to be a "trans anthem", but Huffington Post added [gender] after trans, completely changing what Kate meant. She then was, of course, attacked by people who made assumptions about what she meant without researching Kate's history with the LGBT community . She responded in an open letter:
"I was just trying to use "trans" as this kind of umbrella term meaning anyone in the gender spectrum. It was definitely not about specifically a transwoman. It's really about a little boy who wants to play with his inner girl. He could be a future drag queen or a future transwoman, or it could be about a girl who feels betrayed by the mirror....The B-52s have spent our whole career fighting for rights of people who feel different or LGBT, the whole gay community, you know."
Anyway, that's not what this post is about. This post is about the incredible work that Kate has finally, in the sixth decade of her career, putting out for those of us who have been waiting all these years. The sensational ballads Crush Me With Your Love (the title of which Kate's partner Monica came up with) and Pulls You Under show a side of Kate we have never been able to see with The B-52's, and she doesn't disappoint with the adorably jaunty title track or the "we're all special" anthem Throw Down The Roses. I would say, without a doubt, Guitars and Microphones is well worth the wait. Check out Bring Your Arms and Mr. Sister below.


WOOHOO!!! Wanna take a peek at some man-cheek? Here's your chance. Madonna just can't help herself. She HAS to give us what we want. Madge's second single from her last album, MDNA, was grossly underappreciated but that didn't stop her from releasing one of her most glamorous, sexy videos in years with Girl Gone Wild. The electo-pop track's clip was directed by fashion photogs Mert and Marcus and features a bevy of studly men worshiping at the feet of the Queen. Madonna's looks amazing (obviously) and works it in some very high heels. What better way to get your ass moving on a freezing Friday than by looking at some ass. Am I right, ladies? Here is the excellent Girl Gone Wild. AND don't forget, Madonna's new album, Rebel Heart, comes out March 10th!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


There was a rash of teen pop princesses in the mid-80s due to the success of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, but one who is much overlooked was the incredibly talented Martika. Martika became famous for being on the very popular Saturday morning show Kids Incorporated. K-I-D-S! After appearing on the show for two seasons, Martika signed to CBS records and put out her first album Martika. The song Toy Soldiers shot to #1 on the Hot 100 in the summer of 1989. Two more songs from that album hit the top 40: More Than You Know (#18) and the Carol King cover I Feel the Earth Move (#25). Martika was a pop star. Her next album, Martika's Kitchen, had several songs written with or by His Purple Badness, Prince, who approached her in 1991 about a collaboration. One of the songs that resulted of their work together, Love...Thy Will Be Done, became a top 10 hit in the U.S. and kicked off the album. Also coming from that collab was the song Martika's Kitchen, which is a thinly veiled song about (in true Prince form) Martika's vagina. Of course. And it's ah-mazing! (watch it below) Subsequent singles from the album failed to match that success in the U.S., but the album did much better overseas. Not much happened after the second album for Martika, sadly. Her voice and style were very unique, not to mention how pretty she is, and I still play those old songs sometimes. Toy Soldiers went on to be famously sampled by Eminem on his 2004 top 40 song Like Toy Soldiers. Martika still writes and sings backup for other artists, but her mark on pop music has been made. Enjoy some classic Martika below.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Creator Ryan Murphy and FX have announced that Lady Gaga, Mother Monster herself, will be starring in Season 5 of American Horror Story. There is no world yet on what Gaga will be playing, but it seems like the fit is a no-brainer, right? Gaga is no stranger to acting having already appeared in Machete Kills, Sin City 2 and Men in Black 3. Here is hoping for a better season of AHS. I think it's a safe assumption that there will be singing. AMIRIGHT, LADIES?


Lana Del Rey has a thing for daddies: sugar and otherwise. Here is the video for the second single, Shades of Cool, from last year's Ultraviolence, one of the best albums of 2014. In the video Lana and her father lover are taking in the sights and sounds of their luxurious California life together and things get sexy and intense. The song and the video are gorgeous, as per usual with Del Rey's visual output. Watch and love.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Giuliana Rancic has come forward to formally apologize for remarks she made last night during Fashion Police on E! about singer/actress Zendaya's braids on the red carpet at the Oscars. The E! host said of Zendaya's hair that she must have "smelled like patchouli oil or....maybe weed" which set off a firestorm on twitter and all over the internet. To be fair Kathy said "weed" before Giuliana got it out, but anyway... While I know that Giuliana was just trying to be funny, as Fashion Police is often politically incorrect, I can see where some might think associating braids with this type of activity could be construed as racist. Giuliana apologized on tonight's E! News. Watch the video. She seems sincere and the show has a relationship with Zendaya, so I hope this settles things once and for all.


....Careless Whisper by Wham! ft. George Michael. This song, as evidenced by the "featuring George Michael" added to Wham! showed that, although relatively new to American audiences, the band was not long for this world. Included on Wham's second album, Make It Big, Careless Whisper is technically George's first solo single, though it was written by Michael and band mate Andrew Ridgeley. It's complicated, y'all. Don't ask. ANYHOO....the song was a huge success, hitting #1 in both the US and the UK and about twenty-something other countries, going on to sell six million copies worldwide. The song spent three weeks and #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and wound up the #1 song of 1985 at year's end. Work, girl! The video is typical 80s fodder with a feather-haired George Michael distraught over the end of an affair...with a woman. It WAS the 80s, after all. The song has been covered by everyone and their vagina since and is easily one of the biggest songs of the 80s. Wham!, of course, broke up and George Michael went on to a massive solo career and some carless whispers of his own in a lot of bathrooms in L.A. So take a listen to the #1 song from this day 30 years ago, Careless Whisper by Wham!